Words are Gifts


We unite again

Forty years of true friendship

Cemented by trust

This represents a long lasting friendship that took us through five years of boarding life and many years of a long distance relationship. We studied in different countries, got married and had our families. Meeting again, we switch back to our lives as teenagers, giggly and full of stories.

Sharing our lives, full of ups and downs and many more experiences. We’ve been towers for each other and sounding boards too.

This weekend, we spent a day together reminiscing and laughing so much. It was great to be back together again.

3 responses to “Friendship”

  1. Thank you for the poem today!

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  2. I have been reading your recent posts almost as advice to me! Your recent post about your book club was one I took to heart. Here, I think you have said what allows this long friendship to be rekindled: “cemented by trust.”

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  3. Juliette, you haiku and slice warm my heart. What a true friendship and bond you two have. I love that you have been “towers for each other.”

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