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A low, “beep, beep”, goes my alarm at the end of each lesson and break.

When my writers are all in the swing of writing , the faint beep is totally ignored until the nearest student quickly taps it to stay quiet.

This is how I know it is time for our ‘share time’. It signifies, a few minutes before the end of the lesson.

I remember when during my school days a big, silver bell would clang informing us to switch lessons or that it is time for recess or lunch. That was in the 1970s, a lot has changed since then.

Thanks to my phone, the low beeps determined by the day’s schedule, puts me in check and helps me navigate my day.

As we are guided by the schedule at school, and mine is animated by the beep, I would say, this is one gadget I need to help me storm through the day.

2 responses to “Beep,Beep”

  1. “this is one gadget I need to help me storm through the day.”

    I love this image, you end the piece with such strength, I can see you storming, in the best possible way.

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  2. Ah, the intense time management required of teachers! You don’t mention it, but isnt that soft beep (that can be ignored until the writing energy dies down a bit) so much nicer than a clanging bell? I’ve used both in my career 🙂

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