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When We Laugh

I invited A to visit yesterday, for some respite, as she seemed burdened.

We had a belly laugh when we connected the dates to a similar issue approximately a year ago. More like a deja vu, we both burst out laughing. For a few minutes, we made the loudest shrieks, she twisted her body, almost stooping. I was on the sofa throwing my hands in the air. We had tears in our eyes, tears of joy.

I had not laughed so deeply for a while. We both found the connection with last year extremely exhilarating. It’s the kind of moment that still makes me feel like giggling, just thinking about it.Even though A came with an issue the laughter was healing for both of us.

We managed to slot in a comedy on Netflix and continued our belly laughs. She left after dinner and a sweet, scented fruit tea.

As she left, she seemed to have recovered from the weight. I guess we both needed that respite.

As they say,”Laughter is the best medicine!”

5 responses to “When We Laugh”

  1. Love when I have those belly laughs! Sounds like you and your friend had a much needed girls night:-)

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  2. What a great description of your wonderful time together! Laughter, as they say, is the best medicine.

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  3. So much joy in a little slice. So glad you had this moment.

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  4. Perfect piece! Short and sweet. I love the picture of you two laughing, her stooping down low and you raising your arms up high- opposites. Also- you are a good friend.

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  5. YES! I need a laughing buddy and a 2 hour session of guffaws, am sending you one from across the waves. Love the joy in this post. ;0

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