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Hello Monday

Chatting with my colleagues about the weekend, before assembly this morning, the topics were varied.

We talked about our never ending to do lists. Screen time over the weekend on large, medium and small screens, the kind of calendars we prefer to use and how the weekend quickly swoops by.

This was a much needed chat as we never really have time to stop and chat. We encouraged each other talking about the number of months we have left this school year. Time really does fly.

It was also an opportunity to talk about our plans for the coming holidays. To stay local or travel afar.

Whilst we chatted, there was sounds of chatting students, some playing a game of football, the kind that allows all year groups even a few middle schoolers to join.

Soon after our chat, the music started playing, signalling the call for our morning assembly.

2 responses to “Hello Monday”

  1. I love that you captured a seemingly unimportant, but you made it important by celebrating the importance of conversation and connecting with colleagues.

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  2. Small moments that set the tone for the day and week for you, Juliette. Such rare moments.

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