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We Wrote Poems

During my after school activity today, we wrote poems. We chose to write couplets, opposite and acrostic poems. The thirds and fourth graders got extremely excited. The fifth graders- boys were not so enthused even though they were very engaged when we were working.

They made posters of their couplets and illustrated them. One of the fifth grade boys interestingly ended up writing an alliteration. At least he learned something new, or did he already know about alliterations and purposely ended up with one instead of the couplet?

The students came up with some opposites poems, those were interesting. They wrote poems about night and day, black and white, crying and laughing and one that was a mish-mash.

One fourth grade girl proudly shared a simple acrostic poem that she had written, only for one of the other students to say that,

“You missed the other t.”

She then went to the board to fix it, after asking for the correct spelling of my name. There was a misspelt word but she felt accomplished, as she had been able to fix her initial mistake (by spelling my name correctly).

3 responses to “We Wrote Poems”

  1. That sounds like a wonderful afternoon. I love writing poetry with students. Your student wrote a sweet acrostic poem for you. That is a treasure.

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  2. I agree! What a fun way to spend the afternoon. We wrote poems today, too, for World Poetry Day! Student work as a gift is, well, truly a gift!

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  3. You do personify JOY, what a cool affirmation! 🙂

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