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My Writing These Days

This year whilst slicing, I am not really planning most of the topics for my slices. I just write. When I get to my laptop I see what comes to me and I write.

I think I have grown a little more confidence with my writing. I don’t always fuss about the style or perfection for my first draft. This has helped me write from my heart. I write whatever comes to me. I sometimes let my writing brew a bit, maybe leave the piece for a few hours and read over it again.

I always find something I have to edit or revise, then find an alternative word, synonym or powerful verb. In my notebook, I create webs, write lists or read new words I have found. I know this community is helping me develop as the comments encourage me and deliver more ideas. After slicing for over five years I feel like a child with a growth spurt.

When I read others’ slices I sometimes wish I could write as well as they do. I read the slices again and follow their blog, hoping that I will be able to produce pieces as brilliant as theirs.

BUT I remind myself of what I say to my students,

“I love your writing voice. “

This is my writing voice, so I will continue to enhance my pieces (from the feedback I receive) and any other ways that strengthen my pieces.

5 responses to “My Writing These Days”

  1. With the exception of two days this month, this has been my strategy as well. It’s liberating just to take the pulse of the moment and go from there. Love this: “After slicing for over five years I feel like a child with a growth spurt.”

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  2. So much here I want to lift up. First, I agree that planning less can lead to more genuine, heartfelt writing. And like you, I do at least a quick edit and often, as you say, find more powerful verbs! And I love what you say to your students and how you grant yourself that same loving acceptance, all while working to grow. Lovely reflection!

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  3. Love this. A lot of it resembles my approach to slicing as well. I almost never revise or edit until after the thing is published and I notice, with abject horror, that people have read what I’ve written and there are GLARING issues. Sometimes I don’t even read them back for fear that I’ll notice something. But I really enjoyed reading through your process. I think new slicers could learn from this. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Juliette, I cannot agree more! Less is actually more, and you described it so well here. I think we started around the same time, and during the first few years I agonized. Now, not so much. And when you take that pressure off, look what you can produce! Love your
    “brewing ideas” and “growth spurt” analogies and growing with you as a writer.

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  5. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    Juliette, you are a beautiful person and a beautiful writer! I love reading your words and seeing your world through them. I had to chuckle when I read this line: After slicing for over five years I feel like a child with a growth spurt. I am so happy you are growing and we get to enjoy that growth as well!

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