Words are Gifts

  • Celebrating Mothers

    The day started, like any other Sunday. A light breakfast of bagel cream cheese and a few olives, washed down with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. The powdered chocolate from cocoa grown in the rain forests of Ghana. Pure, refined and slightly bitter. It was creamy and had a sweet aroma. I glanced at… Continue reading

  • What They Said

    Students were asked today by a colleague what each of these images represented , I was impressed by what they shared. I was thinking about what could have triggered the answers they gave. I stood quietly created this list in my head; Experience Movies Different learning opportunities Books Travelling experiences Games Conversations and more… Continue reading

  • We Wrote Poems

    During my after school activity today, we wrote poems. We chose to write couplets, opposite and acrostic poems. The thirds and fourth graders got extremely excited. The fifth graders- boys were not so enthused even though they were very engaged when we were working. They made posters of their couplets and illustrated them. One of… Continue reading

  • Hello Monday

    Chatting with my colleagues about the weekend, before assembly this morning, the topics were varied. We talked about our never ending to do lists. Screen time over the weekend on large, medium and small screens, the kind of calendars we prefer to use and how the weekend quickly swoops by. This was a much needed… Continue reading

  • When We Laugh

    I invited A to visit yesterday, for some respite, as she seemed burdened. We had a belly laugh when we connected the dates to a similar issue approximately a year ago. More like a deja vu, we both burst out laughing. For a few minutes, we made the loudest shrieks, she twisted her body, almost… Continue reading

  • Ama’s Plight

    I wrote about Ama (a fictional character), there was an interest in her secondary school life. This slice shares a snippet of Ama’s learning experience at her boarding school in Ghana. Ama’s secondary school (middle/high school) felt like a powerhouse. This boarding school deep in the thick, tropical forest was a setting that stood out.… Continue reading

  • Friday

    Today’s been full. Work was really busy. Well, all the days are busy but there was no room to be creative ( to come up with a topic). I tried as much as possible to fish for the stories that happened during the day, but I could not even think about anything in particular. After… Continue reading

  • Dressed For the Occasion

    Colours of nature appear, a Selection of cotton, African prints Introducing Kaba and slit; our local top and long skirt Announcing duku the matching head gear Tied firmly in rich damask Arriving regally on the grounds To heated, beating drums that greet and entertain, till the beat dies down, when the dance subsides and the… Continue reading

  • Pineapples

    Even though some fruits like pineapples and bananas are ever present, other fruits are seasonal. People claim the spiky skin of the pineapple is medicinal. You can imagine the various concoctions that appeared during the pandemic. Pineapples are the perfect fruit for many reasons. They are sweet and have roughage so are champions when it… Continue reading

  • Beep,Beep

    A low, “beep, beep”, goes my alarm at the end of each lesson and break. When my writers are all in the swing of writing , the faint beep is totally ignored until the nearest student quickly taps it to stay quiet. This is how I know it is time for our ‘share time’. It… Continue reading

  • Friendship

    We unite again Forty years of true friendship Cemented by trust This represents a long lasting friendship that took us through five years of boarding life and many years of a long distance relationship. We studied in different countries, got married and had our families. Meeting again, we switch back to our lives as teenagers,… Continue reading

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I am am Elementary school teacher at an International IB School in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. I write with groups of writers, such as Teach Write.