Words are Gifts

  • Celebrating Mothers

    The day started, like any other Sunday. A light breakfast of bagel cream cheese and a few olives, washed down with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. The powdered chocolate from cocoa grown in the rain forests of Ghana. Pure, refined and slightly bitter. It was creamy and had a sweet aroma. I glanced at… Continue reading

  • Different Shades of Blue

    It’s been a struggle fitting in my long walks this school year. My exercise regime has totally changed. Just pulling a bit here and there, literally. I figured out that waiting for the Saturday morning walk would not suffice, I decided to join S on the very early, morning walk, on the campus , a… Continue reading

  • Bashing Greens

    A bash of greens  Hits your eyes Mesmerises your sight In pots, on beds, on tables Standing tall To the garden Capture the serene Changes one’s mood Heals your being From God knows where Plants talk to us In whispers  only we can ‘get’ only we can ‘capture’ only we can ‘understand’ An appreciation of… Continue reading

  • Nature’s Way

    All deflated by the spitting Heads bowed, hopes quashed Walking slowly, through the sand Hoping the spots would seize Still upset, an abrupt end Walked through the sand Friends slow down Searching for lunchboxes Shouting back to friends, “We are coming!” Still drizzling increased, Jostling enjoyed by a few Spotted faces of glasses Time to… Continue reading

  • Thinking About My Writing

    I have not written for a while, since the 31st of March 2023. I am really grateful for the opportunity to write and comment throughout the month of March. It’s made me think about ways to keep writing and to write creatively. Apart from journalling regularly, I have written a couple of picture books and… Continue reading

  • We’ve Done it Again

    This SOLSC been smoother than expected. The writing journey never ends. Here we are at the end of another full month of slicing, with so many visits to others’ blogs and many new words and ideas acquired. My cup is filling up and I know I am a better writer as I have learned from… Continue reading

  • My Garden Walk

    I went for my dose of respite after work yesterday. Nature certainly takes over burdens. Walking through R’s garden is just magical. Each day a different dose of freshness and beauty. Yesterday I had my fill of greens after work. It was the a breath of fresh air I needed after being indoors all day.… Continue reading

  • My Colors

    In response to the invitation from Leigh Anne , I am sharing my colors.  The best blue is the hue of light-blue that paints my fourth floor window. It is magical; the sky in all its majesty, fills the window as I look straight ahead. The best brown is the wood, natural ‘wooden’ beams that… Continue reading

  • Purchases to Go

    Photo Credit Unsplash Ripe, juicy oranges, neatly peeled ready to be consumed. That was my first purchase. I bought enough for the evening.We just use it as it is and cut it up into sections. Bought from a hawker, waiting in the warm traffic. Where I live. there are many hawkers, they sell all sorts.… Continue reading

  • My Writing These Days

    This year whilst slicing, I am not really planning most of the topics for my slices. I just write. When I get to my laptop I see what comes to me and I write. I think I have grown a little more confidence with my writing. I don’t always fuss about the style or perfection… Continue reading

  • Comments

    When reading slices, do you read others’ comments before writing yours? I normally read them after I have written mine, as I want to share my perspective before getting influenced by others’ thoughts and ideas about the slice. There is so much you can glean and learn from the comments others share. The slice has… Continue reading

About Me

I am am Elementary school teacher at an International IB School in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. I write with groups of writers, such as Teach Write.