The First Trot

I had my first run yesterday. Desperate for exercise, with my unsuccessful skipping regime, I decided to run at home. 

5pm, I rush to the room, I have got to exercise today. Desperately searching for my gym clothes, which I have had for many years and never worn, I dig and turn my perfectly organised casual cupboard. Where are they? I own a grey sleeveless top and a pink t-shirt with matching grey sweatpants. I always moved them when I tidied up. Whenever I touched them, in the past, I told myself I will wear you soon. Today I need you and can’t find you. 

Desperate for some shorts to wear E comes along and says:

“Mum I have a pair that will fit you.”

I smile and realise there are others rallying for me. With my old T-shirt on, she searches her well laid out wardrobe, greens, blues, blacks and florals. Pulls out this black stretchy teeny pair of sports shorts with a white line at both sides. I am excited, I am going to squeeze myself into this by all means and get running. I pull and push, tucking my stomach in at the same time and with one big pull I’m in. E is sitting on the bed staring and smiling.

“I told you it would fit you Mum.” 

I am encouraged. Almost ready, I get my casual trainers on. Of course my sports stylist appears and insists I wear sports trainers. I refuse. I need to be comfortable.  After all I feel like toothpaste in a tube, I am not going to add any more discomfort to this event.

Times up! There are smirks all around me. F looks up, K runs to get his IPAD , E giggles following me out. Of course I invite them to join me. Before I leave, I say to them I’m only running ten times back and forth. That was my goal, I had to announce it so I would do it. I trotted out of the door. I began with more spectators, my two older guard dogs who seemed confused, not knowing whether to run with me or get out of my way. I ignored them.

It was not a run after all, I trotted back and forth, stopping to catch my breath. From our wall to the gate, which is about fifty yards and slightly uphill coming back. It was a cool evening but I was hot, sweaty and panting. K took videos of Mum struggling, I found that hilarious. I had an interesting start to my new regime.

I am looking forward to beating my eight times back and forth trot as that is all my legs could manage!


9 thoughts on “The First Trot

  1. I love that you persisted with you exercise regimen. I, too, am feeling like a slug and am missing the gym. We need to get that exercise where we can. I also love how your whole group was involved, from the lending of shorts to the giggles and the photo ops! Thanks for brightening my morning.

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