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The People in our Lives

It’s been less than a month but seems a long while since I last went to see Joyce and Pat, who have now become like family. That is where I go and get spoilt, for my regular  manicure and pedicure visits.

At the salon, we chat and laugh at what’s going on in town. The young ladies are full of information, sometimes I think it is trivia but it really is reality. As they travel to and from work by public transport and live hours away from their workplace, they get connected with the outside world in a way that I am unable to. I depend on my car to whizz back and forth so miss out on the goings on of the general public. 

This Lockdown, is meant to protect us all. We stay in our shells and rest, somehow protecting each other. I still miss Joyce and Pat, for their warmth. If they do not hear or see me, for a little while, they call to ask how I am doing and encourage me to pass by. They sometimes go out of their way to stay longer just to make sure I don’t miss my once every two weeks session.  

My short natural hair does not need their hands, I deal with that myself and save a lot of money too. My short natural hair happened when I was a half a century old. I started losing the crown of my hair , this came with a lot of skin issues so I thought I would not bother with wigs or any artificial creams. Joyce and Pat advised me to use all natural products that have now become my go to. Shea butter, coconut oil, tea tree oil, aloe vera sprays, castor oil and many more. My bathroom cabinet turned Chemist stocks all of these in one form or the other. Oils and creams galore, mostly unrefined. 

It will be interesting when the Lockdown is over.  During K’s face time chat today he talked about how people will rush to the barbers when it is all over. I know that is the first thing I will do too. To see Joyce and Pat, to spoil myself and to be pampered again. We must all have plans, ‘will dos’ after this episode and wonder how life will be lived everywhere, as all plans are up in the air. Let’s all hope it ends soon and ends well so that we will live our normal lives again, whatever normal means to us or whatever normal will be.


2 responses to “The People in our Lives”

  1. This experience is certainly making us notice who and what we take for granted.

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  2. Your hair, like your writing, is wonderful. Here’s hoping the new normal comes soon – with plenty of friend and comfort time for you. So wonderful to read all your pieces this month and see what’s happening in Accra through your eyes. Love to you and all the Ghana family. Ayekoo!


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