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One Halo Here


I’ve never seen anything like this.

Through the lens of the camera,

 I saw it, squinting

As the bright rays of the sun 

shot straight at my face.

I continued regardless, squinting

Someone had called my son

They had all seen the rare find

How did they know it was there?

Something so camouflaged that can be seen

only when a photograph is taken.


Everybody saw it

Interestingly they all took photographs of it.

Mine was a struggle as I was seeking perfection

A full circle

I had to take many shots of it.


So many questions were asked

I shared it with friends and was truly excited

I was hoping I would receive answers

Perhaps someone would figure out what this is.

Some called it an eclipse others said it was a halo.


The beautiful multi-coloured ring around the sun

Was just enchanting. 

The struggle to capture it was worth all the effort

The claim is that it was caused by thin clouds

Tiny crystals in the Earth’s atmosphere creates this

I am left with more questions than I started with

When will this appear again?

How will we know it is there?


Veiled by the cloud but caused by them

The clouds formed the halo as 

Particles of tiny ice crystals

Swept across the sun

The two Rs caused this;

Reflection and Refraction

Another Science lesson to be had.


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  1. Beautiful A slice of life…looking for the details. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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