Hidden Talent

She opened the book with her delicate hands, her fingers as thin as pens, seemed fragile as she confidently spoke whilst leafing through her book. Her audience were enchanted.

This, she had created by herself, at home. An accordion book that had doors she could open and windows she could see through. She gently took us on a journey to discover her hidden talent. Very impressed we all applauded, silently.

As she looked up, she noticed we were all awed by her creation. Faces in rectangles on the screen.

How swiftly one’s impression of another changes.

This continues to be a lesson to me, as a teacher of many years. I still need these reminders to seek the hidden strength of my students. This was our sharing opportunity when students book a slot to present a creation or talent.

In class, young lady was always quiet and shy, therefore did not volunteer her words, until called. Presenting her creation to the whole grade level must have been daunting for her, but she performed so eloquently and impressed us all both with her words and her handicraft.

6 thoughts on “Hidden Talent

  1. Juliette, what an amazing experience–thank you for sharing it with us! I absolutely love finding out what my students can do and who they are inside of themselves. I’m so happy this young lady had the chance to share herself with her classmates!

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  2. I love that you are allowing and encouraging students to share hidden talents. This will go so far in helping them have confidence in themselves. You are the type of educator we would all aspire to be, one that invests in her students. You will be remembered for providing this experience. Thanks for sharing it.

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  3. This is such a powerful reminder that all our students have talents. We just might need to be patient and/or look for those moments when we can celebrate them. Your writing is beautiful as well.

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  4. This is so beautiful! I think all teachers know that feeling of wishing you could impress upon your students how truly impressive they are! I loved the way we didn’t know what you were writing about until midway through – it allowed me to more deeply visualize the moment.

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  5. I adored having the chance to celebrate this young lady’s hidden talents with you. For someone who is shy, she exhibited such strength when she shared with the entire grade level.

    I was hoping to feature your slice of life story in March as one of the “Be Inspired” pieces in the daily calls for Slice of Life Stories on TWT. If this would be okay, would you please email me at stacey{at}staceyshubitz{dot}com by Mon., 2/15 with your permission (as well as the permalink)?



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