Today, One day

All lined up, we waited patiently to be called. In line we had muffled chats that we strained to hear.

As some of us had not seen each other for almost a year, we could not wait to chat, properly. We were made to sit a meter or so apart, whilst waiting after the test. How could we converse with our masks, masking our shrill voices?

Chairs had been arranged like a chess board with spaces between boxes. Our hidden smiles spewed into our eyes.

It felt like the first day of school, but this time we had been summoned for a different but important undertaking.

I met ‘strangers”, colleagues, for the first time, I’m sure they were smiling at me as I was too. Maybe our hand gestures would suffice.

We have a tradition of welcoming new friends to our international school community. It’s all different now, there are opportunities to meet online but it is no where near adequate.

One day… it’ll all be different.


9 thoughts on “Today, One day

  1. The smile behind the mask is so important and how we have learned that it is a smile by just looking at the eyes. And yes, one day…hopefully soon.

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  2. The image of the chess board is so spot on. I love that description. I cannot wait until a time when I can actually meet the people I work with at my new school. The social distancing, while necessary, is so difficult at times like these when you would just rather give everyone a hug and a welcome into your world.

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  3. Juliette – This was my favorite sentence: Our hidden smiles spewed into our eyes. What a great verb. Our eyes have had to do the work of our other facial features. I sometimes wonder if mine are saying what I want them to.

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  4. Juliette! This is a beauty. I can see you aligned, like a perfect array. I have questions about the ‘test’ and the ‘colleagues’, hope your next posts give more light to this thread.

    So honoured to be writing alongside you here again! 🙂

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