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The Fall

We played in the garden after school everyday. I really enjoyed being outdoors and did everything from climbing trees to riding bikes. I believe it was a sunny Wednesday afternoon, that is when our home teacher Mr. Mensah screeched his noisy motorbike through the  driveway.

I always had my exercise books tidily laid out on the table under the thatched, ‘summer’ hut. The dusty blackboard was also positioned against one of the wobbly pillars. My half-chewed pencil was parked tidily beside my book, ready for my lesson. 

That gave me the opportunity to play for a few more minutes before the long, drawn lesson. Mr. Mensah was a stout, soft-spoken, conscientious teacher. He never arrived late and was very organized. His plan for the two hours was the same each Wednesday: note taking, memorizing facts and many practice questions. 

I was not the only student so it felt just like school all over again. My cousins J and A who were in the same class at our Elementary school always joined me, so did R, my sister, who was a year after us. I must have been almost nine years old.

As soon as the screech came to a stop, I ran towards the slide to get my last round. I tripped really badly, fell on my back and scraped my body against the metal handle. 

“Wooo, wooo, wooo,” I bawled! All the little legs ran towards me, causing the dust from the dry ground to surround us in a haze. They grabbed my arms and lifted me gently up the stairs to the main door of the house. I helped them out by dragging myself up. They placed me on the huge sofa and called Auntie.

I lifted my head slowly to see them all rush outside for the lesson. I smiled sneakily! I had escaped the day’s session.

4 responses to “The Fall”

  1. Juliette, you’ve made it so easy to see this scene! I love, “I smiled sneakily.” Sometimes things are worth the price we pay! Thank you for sharing this memory.

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  2. Jennifer Larance Avatar
    Jennifer Larance

    This is so vivid and relatable! I love the remembered details about your teacher. Thanks for prompting my own memories of being that age to come flooding back!

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  3. You have such lovely detailed writing. And what a way to get out of a lesson!

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  4. Oh, Juliette, you sneaky thing, you. You had me going right up until the very end. Brilliant! And it reminded me of pretending to be asleep so I wouldn’t have to get up so early and go to church with my parents who were both in the choir and had to go soooooo early! Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

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