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Rising to the Occasion

Today is 64 years since Ghana gained independence. In celebration of the anniversary, I chose to read a book connected to Ghana to my Saturday reading group.

Ghana Flag

I tried to find a children’s story to read to the group of local children and could not find an appropriate one.
This made me spend all my free time yesterday crafting a story to read to them.

I’m very happy about the first draft. I made the story as authentic as possible, so they could relate to the main character and settings.

I believe, in our search for solutions ones’ creative spirit is heightened, this allows one to rise to the occasion and CREATE, in my case WRITE.


11 responses to “Rising to the Occasion”

  1. Toni Morrison said that when there’s a book you want that hasn’t been written, then you should write it!

    I admire the bigness of what’s behind the smallness of your post and how you captured that!

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  2. Juliette! I just love that you brought your words, heart, and soul to the ears of your audience.!Thank you for putting your experience in doing so down on paper, in this blog post! I wish you a beautiful time celebrating Ghana’s independence day.

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  3. Happy celebration of Ghana’s independence day! You are so inspiring – you couldn’t find a book you wanted, so you created a story?? You reading group is so lucky to have you! Perhaps you will publish the story one day 😉

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  4. WONDERFUL! And…in my happy little world, you will PUBLISH this story so that children ALL around the world can know and understand the story of Ghanaian independence.

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    1. That’s my wish. I’m working on it.

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  5. Ayekooooo! Way to take charge J, can’t wait to hear the story and read it to my kids! 🙂

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    1. I need feedback, let’s make it happen.


  6. Oh my gosh! I love this – you couldn’t find a book and you wrote one. I would love to be able to read it or listen in one day.

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    1. I would love to read it to you. Let’s find a way to organise that soon. I could use any feedback.


  7. I love this line: “I believe, in our search for solutions ones’ creative spirit is heightened”. May that be true of everyone. How lucky for the children that it’s true of you! Are you going to post the story? Now I’m curious!

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    1. I may post part of it. It’s quite a long picture book. One day it will be published.


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