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In the Morn

When all is solemn and quiet

The sky darkens in the morn

They fly and sing as a duet

When all is solemn and quiet

They rise to seek their diet

Where nature is born

When all is solemn and quiet

The sky darkens in the morn

My first triolet. I found an example in the book, A Kick in the Head, an eight-line poem with a rhyme scheme abaaabab, and some repeating lines. In the rainy season, some mornings meet us with dark skies, but still the morning birds sing to lighten the atmosphere. These scenes draw us close to nature.

3 responses to “In the Morn”

  1. hardly an artist Avatar
    hardly an artist

    I loved it 🙂 thanks for the visual of morning light and a peaceful repeating line.

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  2. I love the ethereal quality of your poem – just like early morning.

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  3. You’ve put me in this space so beautifully and with such craft. What I really loved was the way you gave us this contrast between the solemnity and the quiet of the dark morning, and the joy and flight of the rising birds. Thank you.

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