A Reminder

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected.” #teacherlife

I chanced upon this quote on Instagram today. It spoke to me. It reminded me of how I should consciously seek out all students, regularly looking for gems in their sharing or work. I made sure I recognized and encouraged students today and this worked like magic.

The students I spoke to, commended and encouraged suddenly sparked and crawled out of their shells, joining the class in discussions, calling me for feedback, asking questions and being active members of the teaching and learning.

Sometimes we need these reminders, even though we may already be using different strategies to involve all students. This quote is essential especially when you have many lively class members who are always energized during lessons.

3 thoughts on “A Reminder

  1. Yes! This struck a chord with me. I work with a population of students who tend to be…,more VERBAL, shall we say. It takes more work to support and recognize the ones who aren’t regularly putting their ideas “out there” – but it’s work that’s ALWAYS worth it, as you suggest. Thanks for the reminder.

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