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That Dream

Do you remember your dreams?

This particular one, was vivid. I remember wearing a ‘fugu‘. There were two other people with me. In the dimly lit room, it felt as if we were on the top floor of an apartment block, high up above the rest. I’m glad I woke up after the dream to write down what I could remember.

It all seemed surreal, as if there was going to be a contest of sorts. A challenge, competition or a performance? Was I to be a contestant?

Whatever contest I dreamt about seemed well established. I remember the scene in the mysterious room very clearly. If I was an artist I would have drawn exactly what I saw. I had good feelings about the situation whatever it was. I really wanted to participate in it, I seemed ready.

I have been thinking about the dream and took it upon myself to look for connections or clues to help me understand it. I asked my friends the symbolism of a ‘fugu’, a hand woven kaftan-like smock from Northern Ghana, I have never worn one before. Their interpretation of what a ‘fugu’ symbolises is; culture, identity, freedom, equality and royalty. I also remember the outfit being won by one of the great warriors of the Asante kingdom. In the dream was I just like her? Dreams can be confusing and interesting. This is one I will ponder about for a while.

5 responses to “That Dream”

  1. Dreams are amazing creatures, aren’t they? Juliette, I read this post and I can’t help but think on themes of power and pride. You sound to me like you were firm in your stance, firm in your belief that you were in a place you deserved to be. Now…what’s the connection to your life, and what is the message this dream brings? Oh, that’s for you to say! Thank you for sharing this slice.

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  2. So often dreams are disturbing. This one is filled with personal power and promise. I love the fugu in your dream, even though you have never worn one. I would interpret it to mean that you are ready! For whatever is next for you…

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  3. What I love about your description is how you begin to think about what you experienced in the dream and how it connects with you right now. When you mention knowing that you wanted to participate and seemed ready, it feels like a positive sign.

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  4. Dreams have long fascinated me, to the point that I started keeping a dream journal in order to remember them before they fade. So many positive connections in your dream – most of all that something good is coming your way, and you are prepared for it. Will be interesting to see what comes to pass…

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  5. Juliette, your description is intriguing to me, and I’m a bit jealous of your whole experience. I rarely remember my dreams, and when I do, they’re rarely pleasant or interesting. I’m glad you were able to get this one down on paper and do some digging to learn more about it. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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