The Break

We dipped our feet in the cool water.

The beautiful blues met our eyes, the clean smell of the ocean was well received. The coarseness of the sand, made for firm steps.

Volta Region, Ghana, West Africa

Better bare foot, I thought and quickly took off my rubber sandals. Stamping and moving forward, I found the right spot to lay my mat. The sun had gone down as we waited to visit in the late afternoon.

The vastness of the ocean always enchanting. The beach tough was something else. The sand, a light shade of brown almost golden gave the whole place a rich, glow. This was a quiet beach, a few people strolling up and down. It was also distinctive as it was high up and the ocean was a few feet lower. I thought this was special as some of the beaches I have visited needed a defence to block the water from riding up and damaging property.

We sat, enjoyed the peace, watched the waves move back and forth. This was a needed break, so serene. Hidden from the masses, a good place to reflect and relax.

The teenagers stayed and puddled whilst I rested with my book and soaked in the environment.

3 thoughts on “The Break

  1. This. You’ve brought us such wonderful, peaceful, calming moments. THANK YOU. Promise me you’ll save these rays and sand in the toes for a cold, wintry day…

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