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A New Adventure

My teaching life begun over twenty years ago, and I continue to learn, adding to my repertoire. I must confess, I have spent some time this holiday, thinking about a new experience that is coming my way or one I am walking into.

To me, this is a worthy challenge and I see many benefits to it. However, it is a new arena for my show, so there is the little bird whispering doubts into my ears. Those doubts I am using as opportunities for me to learn and grow. I am looping with my fourth graders to fifth grade. The day my fourth grades were informed there was a rumbling, exciting sound, I was touched. Many parents sent emails to acknowledge our continued relationship for the next school year.

In the past, a few of my early year students met me in second grade and some of my second graders in fourth grade. I on the other hand agreed to move with my students as a challenge to myself and to live out of my comfort zone.

For this year in particular, I believe most teachers experienced this too. My students and I, traversed the online, on-campus learning together. We were Zoom buddies and became masked buddies. We lived through the changes together; online schedules and lessons, online parent conferences, online assessments, online morning meetings and more.

Whenever I hear of the upsurge in the Covid numbers my heart skips a beat. I am really hoping we can all be on-campus this school year and learn, enjoying our learning spaces together, masked up; I guess.

I have spent sometime this holiday pondering over my new scope and sequence for the different subject areas and thinking about the individual students (as I know most of them very well). This new year is going to be quite an adventure and I am looking forward to.

7 responses to “A New Adventure”

  1. It is a big deal to change grades, but also what a good experience. And “looping” is great. I have done it, and you really benefit from already knowing and trusting each other. And the family relationships deepen. I hope you enjoy it!

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  2. I am moving to fifth grade too- we should try to find some ways to collaborate! Will you have your whole class? What a treat! You are a risk-taker for sure- always taking on new challenges.

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    1. Yes please Erika, let’s collaborate. I believe I’ll have my whole class, even though our class set-up changes all the time.


  3. Juliette – there is great power in your acknowledgement of doubts, for we all have them when it comes to preparing for the new school year, no matter how long we’ve been doing this. Last year taught us we could handle new adventures better than we ever imagined. We came through! I love how you embrace this challenge nevertheless – and I note that mighty, mighty phrase, “live out of my comfort zone.” Outside of that zone is where all the growth occurs and beautiful, unexpected things bloom! Your positive approach is exactly what we all need to hear (or read) right now – thank you for your courage in sharing your story with such honesty.

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  4. What a gift to your students to have the continuity of your relationships to guide you through this coming school year. The topics will shift and there will be new demands but precisely in the relationships and community is where you’ll all draw strength from. You’ve go this!

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  5. I love looping with my students. Yes, a new curriculum and new lessons will be challenging, but I found that the established relationships some parts of the change easier.

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  6. I loved your statement about using the doubts as opportunities to learn and grow!

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