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Images, Words and Experiences

I’m reading, Travelling While Black: Essays Inspired by a Life on the Move by Nanjala Nyabola). This insightful book I’m reading has really got me thinking. I’m only on chapter three but I am very engaged and really thinking deeply about many of the topics and how they are impacting the experiences of the author.

For my book club, I have to read a couple of chapters and I can’t wait to steal a bit of time during the day to read. It’s great when you meet a book that you do not want to let go of. This one is doing that to me.

I read a few pages this morning when my students were reading independently and the part I read got me thinking about the ‘power of societal photographs’. The photographer, the one that consumes it and if there is a person or people in the photograph; the effect it has on any members of the group.

This made me think about the way words can have an effect on both the speaker and the listener, particularly words that are meant to have an impact on another. Whilst reading, I thought of many examples of photographs that shared the the wrong or perhaps a “single story’.

There will be a lot to discuss when my book club meets, as we also bring our lived experiences to the discussion.

4 responses to “Images, Words and Experiences”

  1. Books take us to another world and we can imagine so much. I cannot think of life without books.

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  2. It sounds like this book will provide a rich platform for discussion – an ideal choice for a book club.

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  3. Thank you for this slice and the book title. Wishing you a rich book club discussion.

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  4. Ooooh, this sounds like an intriguing title, would love to hear your impressions as you make your way through. Love that you’re finding time for a book you love in the middle of your work day.

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