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The Arrival

The rains came

deep in the night

flexing it’s muscles

with sight and sound

the force which announced

its presence,

sent sways of resilience

demanding everyone to

wake. and peek

when it bellowed

with fondness


sweeping nature

out of its place

that fortitude,

the energy,

shedding leaves,

unleashing a torrent

some may welcome

others may fear.

Wondering .

Is this the start

of the rainy season

we are awaiting?

8 responses to “The Arrival”

  1. The very short lines give the poem so much drama. I like how some lines can stand as an idea on their own and be something different when incorporated with the lines preceding or following. “sweeping nature/out of its place” and “

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  2. Great form to convey the storm “flexing its muscles” and “unleashing a torrent”. Totally agree about welcoming it and fearing it. Stay dry!

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  3. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    Such strong personification in this, along with some wonderful verbs! I need to research about your rainy season as I would love to learn more.

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  4. Every year you’ve managed to capture the coming of the rainy season in a new and invigorating way. I always look forward to reading about it with the imagery you create. Thank you.

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  5. I love that you captured the intensity and urgency of the moment with these short, crisp lines. Telling a whole story with feeling, imagery, and curiosity wrapped into one poem.
    Please check your email this morning.

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  6. Every word carries weight in this painting you’ve disguised as a poem. 🙂

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  7. […] I’d like to share one today as another beautiful example of a poem telling a story. In “The Arrival” Juliette wraps feelings, imagery, and curiosity altogether. Take a peek at her story […]


  8. Juliette, it is good to meet you. Your story poem introduces readers to a weather system in another part of the world while my locale in Virginia is feeling what a March windstorm delivers. These lines resonate with me. unleashing a torrent/some may welcome/others may fear. On Fridays some slicers join the Poetry Friday Community. It is an international one, so you might enjoy stopping by with one of your poems.

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